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A popular summer resort beach town 35 miles north of Boston in Essex County, MA on the southern border of Seabrook, NH.  Salisbury is the most northern town in MA offering easy access to I -95 and Route 1.  The Town includes four distinctly different areas: Salisbury Beach (an Atlantic Ocean barrier beach with miles of beautiful sandy beaches and salt marshes surrounding dense residential and commercial beachfront development), Salisbury Plains (featuring farms and suburban homes set in fields and rolling woodlands), Salisbury Square (a colonial village center with churches, municipal buildings and village residences), and Ring’s Island (once a colonial fishing village facing Newburyport on the Merrimack River and now supporting a neighborhood of restored antique homes and riverfront marine businesses).

Enjoy the Bustling Salisbury Beach Downtown area or visit Salisbury’s Coastal Trails, an integral link in the Coastal Trails Network, which offers close to 5 miles of trails for biking, walking and bird watching.

Part of Triton Regional School District made up of: Newbury, Rowley, and Salisbury