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Hamilton is a rural-suburban town in the eastern central portion of Essex County, MA 23 miles northeast of Boston. Currently the town has no manufacturing industry and no industrially-zoned land.  Its location on the North Shore of Massachusetts and provides easy access to the Atlantic seashore with its reservations, beaches and boating. The town includes many historic houses, pastoral landscapes, and old stone walls that accompany winding tree-lined roads. It also has a rich equestrian heritage, which remains strong due to the influence of the many horse farms.  Visitors to Hamilton may well share the secondary roads with horse and pony riders.  Hamilton is closely tied to neighboring Wenham, sharing a school system, library, recreation department, commuter rail station, and newspaper. At one time voted the best place to live by Boston Magazine.  Hamilton is part of the Hamilton-Whenham Regional School District. Elementary Schools: Buker, Cutler, and Winthrop (K-5), Hamilton Middle School (6-8), & Hamilton-Wenham Regional High School (9-12) which is in the top 10 percent of the state overall.