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A small coastal town 26 miles north of Boston.  Part of the Manchester Essex Regional School District.  Due to the exceptional quality of the clams that live in the tidal river in Essex, local restaurants thrive by preparing it along with other types of seafood. Tourists are mainly drawn to Essex for its restaurants, but in recent years leisure activities such as excursions down the Essex River in boats or self-guided kayak trips have become increasingly popular. One major disadvantage that Essex has is that it’s only beach is not easily accessible by land and as such is not a major draw for tourists as are the beaches of neighboring Gloucester, Ipswich and Manchester-by-the-Sea. Essex, with an abundance of natural beauty, must also compete with nearby Rockport for tourists in search of quaint New England charm. In the last two decades, there has also emerged a flourishing antiques trade in Essex. The town now boasts of being the municipality with the greatest number of antique shops per square mile in the US.

Essex and Manchester share the same middle and high school.  Essex Elementary School PreK-5, Memorial Elementary (Manchester) PreK -5, Manchester Essex Regional High/Middle School.

There is so much to do in this small coastal town.  Take a ride on the Essex River Queen and sit back with food and beverage and listen to your guided tour as the fresh, salt air breezes by. A sunset cruise will light up your soul.  Spend a day leisurely walking the spectacular open spaces at the Cox Reservation, Stavros Reservation, Cogswell’s Grant and the Manchester-Essex Wilderness Conservation Woodlands and Wetlands. Every season changes the beauty of the landscape.  Have some fun and adventure kayaking the Essex River and the Great Marsh.